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Solution Benefits

The OM5 fiber features extended bandwidth range of 850 to 950nm that enables it to provide optimal support to SWDM applications by enhancing its capability to transmit at least four low-cost wavelengths for longer distance, reducing parallel fiber count by four-folds.

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Transmission of 40G and 100G over a single pair of fiber, reducing the fiber count for high speeds by 75%, offering significant space and cost savings.

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Supports at least four low-cost wavelengths in the 850 to 950nm range.

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Optimal support to SWDM applications with longer transmission distance and ability to migrate up to 400Gbps.

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Backward compatibility with OM3 and OM4 makes it easy to upgrade data center network infrastructure for OM5.

OM5 Products and Solutions

Our optical fiber products and solutions deliver long-lasting performance in demanding, high-density environments. Choose Molex CES to support increasing network speeds in your enterprise LAN or data center network.

12 Fiber Modlink Cable LS0H OM5 5m, F-F Method B

Molex Plug and Play Advanced Fiber Optic Systems offer premium factory-controlled optical performance, enable flexible system configuration and fast, economical installation. ModLink is ideal for mission critical applications such as Data Centers and Storage Area Networks, applications where fast installation...

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High speed data center solutions

Discover how our range of OM5 products and solutions help increasing the speed of data in your data center.

OM5: Wide-Band Multimode Fiber

The increase demand for higher data rates and bandwidth has led to the innovation of OM5.

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