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CoreSync Brochures & Downloads

Brochures, articles and other downloads about the Molex CoreSync Smart Building Solution.

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Product and Solutions Guide

Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions Product and Solutions Guides are the ideal way to find essential information on our product range, including order references. Download the Guide relevant to your geography for the most accurate information. For customers in Poland, Russia and China please change your language and location using the menu at the top left of the page. 

The products and information listed in our catalogues may be updated at any time. 

Quick Reference Guide

The Quick Reference Guides are abbreviated versions of the full Products and Solutions Guides, highlighting our most popular products and solutions. Use these Guides to identify the right products and order numbers for your project. 

Key Markets

Downloads focusing on some of our key markets, providing an overview of the products that will be relevant to those customers. 

Company Overview Brochure

Download the Company Overview to find out more about Molex: Who we are, the industries we serve, and our range of solutions. 

Green Story Brochure

The Molex green story is a journey of continued improvement. It takes more than one to make a change, our global businesses are coming together to take steps to become even more sustainable and ecofriendly.

Onsite Installation and Testing Pocket Guide

Designed for installers and technicians, our Onsite Installation and Testing Pocket Guide is a convenient reference guide filled with cabling infrastructure best practices and warranty requirements. Download your copy by filling out your details in the form.

Structured Cabling for Healthcare Facilities

A fundamental challenge for healthcare IT teams is ensuring a network with the capacity to cope with future demand without letting costs spiral. In this whitepaper we look at four key areas of consideration.