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Copper with the chemical symbol of Cu and atomic number 29, provides an essential solution for our connected world. For Molex structured cabling, copper provides the mechanism to transport electrical signals for data transmission in our networks.


Molex’s Category 5e product range is known as the PowerCat system and is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of current international standards. The product range offers backwards compatibility with Category 5 systems, with enhanced performance.

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Molex’s Category 6 Product Range, PowerCat 6, is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of current international standards and has been independently tested and verified by ETL SEMKO for Category 6 component compliance. The solution features cable, patch cords, patch panels and wall outlet solutions suitable for a wide range of territorial requirements.

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Designed to support 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GBase -T), Category 6A is an optimum speed structured cabling solution offering superior performance where speed, reliability, future proofing or long-term tenancy is required.

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Pre-terminated solutions offer faster deployment, guaranteed performance and the need for on-site testing is minimized. Pre-terminated solutions are ideal for installations where quality and speed of implementation are paramount, and are also ideal for high-density environments such as data centers, storage area networks (SANs) and server rooms.

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Molex provides an extensive range of copper outlets in shielded and unshielded applications. Molex’s Patented Synergy foot print provides the user with the flexibility to intermix platforms. The synergy foot print extends to our DataGate range of jacks – providing an integrated retracting shutter protecting the outlet. Industry standard outlets are also available.

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Installation starts with having the right tool. Molex terminations tools offer faultless termination for either Datagate 4 or Category 6 systems.

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Enables the transmission of both voice and data for a building or campus environment. Molex’s PDS solutions have been designed to allow for flexibility and growth, while allowing for moves and reconfigurations.

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Molex’s voice solution provides a range of products to allow the termination of dedicated voice cabling in a structured cabling environment. The range offers a cost-effective and simple way to feed PBX or other voice circuits into an installation.

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