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Xtreme Density Gen II 1RU 192F Fiber Enclosure


Part No: XFR-10192, CMA-00112, XFR-192XX

Region: global

The Molex High Density Fiber Enclosures are designed for high density applications such as Data Centers, Central Offices or any other situation where high performing, high density and quick installation is required. The enclosures are available in a class leading 192 Fiber Enclosure.

This innovative, robust, easy assemble and maintenance 1RU fiber enclosure has been designed for a MTP/MPO LC interface. This excellent space saving solution is ideal for network consolidation as its modular, scalable design provides flexibility for network partitioning and future growth. The rack mounted enclosure has been manufactured using durable powder/liquid coated steel construction ensures years of reliable service. The 19-inch chassis fits industry-standard EIA, ETSI and WECO rack mountable. The 1RU height conserves valuable rack space maximizing “real estate”. Quick Release pins on the enclosure front allows easy access as well as patch cord protection. Molex recommends our Bend Insensitive Uniboot Long Reach patch cords for ensuring correct fiber bend radius, lower cable weight and better cable management. These leads feature a long reach tab that allows for easy moves, adds and changes.

Full list of part numbers:

Enclosure front door

Cassettes, Adapters boxes, Transfer boxes
XFR-19201, XFR-19202, XFR-19203, XFR-19204, XFR-19205, XFR-19206, XFR-19207, XFR-19209, XFR-19210, XFR-19211

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  • 192 LC Ports, 8 cassettes and supply 1 MTP/MPO and 24 LC Ports breakout in each cassette
  • Designed for 10G/40G/100G/200G/400G system migration
  • Applied quad LC adapter or MTP/MPO adapter on adapter panel or cassette
  • Combined with bend insensitive uniboot patch cords for maximum density and reliability
  • Special guide PIN design made cassette easily plug and draw out
  • Removable top cover providing easy access to the interior

IP Rating: IP20
Adapter Type: LC/MPO/MPT
LC Port Capacity: 192 ports
Cassette Capacity: 8 cassettes
Operating Temperature: -40 to +75°C

Material: Steel
Coating: Powder/Fluid Coating
Thickness: 1.6 mm
Color: Black (RAL 9004/RAL 9005)
Dimensions: 430mm x 282mm x 44.3mm
Net Weight: 4kg (4.5kg packaged)
Packaged Box: 437mm x 310mm x 243mm

RoHS compliant
REACH/SvHC compliant