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12 Port Duplex SC ModLink Cassette, Low Loss, Singlemode, OS2



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Molex Plug and Play Advanced Fiber Optic Systems offer premium factory-controlled optical performance, enable flexible system configuration and fast, economical installation. ModLink is ideal for mission critical applications such as Data Centers and Storage Area Networks, applications where fast installation is paramount and environments where moves adds and changes are frequent or managed in-house.

Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • Self-contained fiber optic patching enclosures convert the MTP/MPO interface to a standard LC, SC, MT-RJ or ST coupler
  • Industry-leading low insertion loss for OS1/2, OM3 & and OM4 Cassettes
  • Cassettes available in 12 and 24 fiber versions
  • Cassettes may be inserted into any standard or spec grade Molex rack mount or wall mount enclosure
  • Front port identification plus labeling field on cassette top for fiber documentation
  • Test results included with every cassette

Maximum Insertion Loss
Low Loss Laser Optimized OM3 & OM4: 0.50 dB/Cassette
OM1 & OM2 Models: 0.75 dB/Cassette
Low Loss OS1/2 Models: 0.50 dB/Cassette

Dimensions: 1.33"H x 3.41"W x 4.1"D

Housing: Aluminum Housing with Black Powder Coat Finish, White Lettering

Push Pins used for mounting in enclosures

Serial Number included for identification

ModLink systems are designed to support a variety of high-speed network topologies including:
IEEE 802.3 10GBase-SR/SW 10Gbps
IEEE 802.3 10GBase-LX4 10Gbps
Fibre Channel 400-M5-SN-1 4Gbps
Fibre Channel 1200-M5E-SN1 10Gbps
Fibre Channel FC-PH 1Gbps
IEE 802.3ba 40/100Gbps
40GBaseSR4, 40GBaseLR4,
10GBaseSR10, 40BaseLR10

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