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MIIM Software Maintenance – 96 Channel


Part No: IMM-00101

Region: global

MIIM V5 Software is the central data manager for the MIIM G3 system. It manages OSI Layer 1 infrastructure elements and provides instantaneous information to the IT Manager about connectivity on MIIM enabled channels. The software documents planned work orders and detects unplanned (ad hoc) changes to the network. It allows continuous monitoring the patch area connection. MIIM software automatically monitors all connections and disconnections, identifies and confirms port availability and notifies the IT Manager of all unscheduled or unauthorized network cabling connection changes. All moves, adds, and changes (MACs) detected on the network are automatically updated in the database.

Features & Benefits Technical Info Related Products

• Hierarchal view of entire enterprise layer 1 infrastructure
• Monitoring of connections/ disconnections at patch area
• Drag and drop work orders
• Work orders for end devices and wire closet patches
• Guided patching
• Search feature to easily locate assets and information
• Event logs for audit trails
• Assets linkage to building maps
• Unrestricted number of users per license
• Data export capability

MIIM Software is designed for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit environments and requires a TCP/ IP network.

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