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Jetted Fiber Pathway


Part No: MJF-1048XX, MJF-10XXXX-1K, MJF-11XXXX-1K, MJF-10XXXX-2.5K, MJF-11XXXX-2.5K, MJF-10XXXX-5K, MJF-11XXXX-5K

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Multiple jetted fiber ducts (MicroDucts) for one installation cost, allows flexibility and future readiness. No special tools or equipment needed; installation uses the same as traditional conduit or innerduct.

Choose the correct MicroDuct size based on the Outer Diameter (OD) of desired MicroCable. Molex recommends a fill ratio of 50% to 75% for optimal cable placement performance. Several factors impact jetting distance, including the condition of route, bends, and equipment.

Molex Jetted Fiber (MJF) Pathway is available in many sizes and configurations to suit your network installation needs. Manufacturing materials are HDPE, riser, plenum and armored. MicroDuct sizes include 12.7 mm and 8.5 mm to accomodate your fiber requirements. Configurations from a single MicroDucts to 24 MicroDucts will allow for rapid deployment of fiber today with permanent pathways in place for future growth.

Full list of part numbers
HDPE: MJF-104624-1K, MJF-104624-2.5K, MJF-104624-5K, MJF-108887-1K, MJF-108887-2.5K, MJF-108887-5K, MJF-108888-2.5K, MJF-108888-5K, MJF-104664-1K, MJF-104664-2.5K, MJF-104664-5K, MJF-106770-1K, MJF-106770-2.5K, MJF-106770-5K, MJF-104669-1K, MJF-104669-2.5K, MJF-104669-5K

Riser: MJF-108758-1K, MJF-108758-2.5K,  MJF-108758-5K, MJF-108986-1K, MJF-108986-2.5K,  MJF-108986-5K, MJF-108990-1K, MJF-108990-2.5K, MJF-108990-5K, MJF-104594-1K, MJF-104594-2.5K,  MJF-104594-5K, MJF-108980-1K, MJF-108980-2.5K,  MJF-108980-5K, MJF-108982-1K, MJF-108982-2.5K,  MJF-108982-5K, MJF-108985-1K, MJF-108985-2.5K, MJF-108985-5K

Plenum: MJF-108755-1K, MJF-108755-2.5K,  MJF-108755-5K, MJF-110093-1K, MJF-110093-2.5K,  MJF-110093-5K, MJF-110096-1K, MJF-110096-2.5K,  MJF-110096-5K, MJF-110094-1K, MJF-110094-2.5K,  MJF-110094-5K, MJF-110098-1K, MJF-110098-2.5K,  MJF-110098-5K, MJF-110100-1K, MJF-110100-2.5K,  MJF-110100-5K, MJF-104858-1K, MJF-104858-2.5K,  MJF-104858-5K, MJF-110104-1K, MJF-110104-2.5K,  MJF-110104-5K

Armored: MJF-104888, MJF-104889, MJF-104890

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  • Material - Available in HDPE, Plenum or Riser and factory bundled in an oversheath
  • SEQUENTIAL FOOT OR METER MARKINGS - Custom print strings available
  • RIP CORD(S) for easy opening of the sheath
  • SUPERSILICORE is co-extruded with the tough HDPE wall creating a permanent, super slippery interior lining. It has the lowest co-efficient of friction compared to other options, no performance loss in all temperature conditions and functions without additional wet lubricants
  • INTERNAL RIBS standard (except 3.5mm ID are designed with a standard smooth interior)


  • LOCATE WIRE - Available with or without a 20 AWG insulated copper wire
  • THICKER OVERSHEATH - Available in most configurations to meet your needs for more rugged projects

MicroDuct Specifications
OD: 8.5 mm ± 0.10 (0.335" ± 0.004")
Wall Min.: 1.14mm (0.045")
Wall Max.: 1.24mm (0.049")
ID Min.: 5.92mm (0.233")
Materials: HDPE, Riser, Plenum, Armored
Fiber Count: 6, 12, 24, 48, 72, 96 strand MicroCable SM, MM
Shipping Length (in feet per reel): 1,000, 2,500, 4,000, 5,000, Custom lengths available

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