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Jetted Fiber Cable


Part No: MJF-20XXXX

Region: americas usa

Molex Jetted Fiber (MJF) cables are designed to offer the most rugged and reliable enterprise-based jetted fiber solution in the market today. The patent pending cable design combines a light-weight, high-drag jacketing system that allows the cable to be jetted long distances. The cable series also features additional attributes that set this product above and beyond traditional blown fiber cables. These enhanced features include mechanical strengthening that permits the cable to comply with industry-standard premise interconnect specifications. In addition, the MJF cable series feature flame resistance characteristics which result in stand-alone riser and plenum rated options suitable for routing outside of the MicroDuct system Because of these mechanical, environmental and optical qualifications, MJF cables can also be installed in third-party, flame-rated duct and pathway systems.

Full list of part numbers
SM: MJF-202960, MJF-202866, MJF-200729, MJF-200730, MJF-203201, MJF-203628,
OM1: MJF-202961, MJF-202848, MJF-202962, MJF-202963, MJF-203333 
OM2: MJF-202964, MJF-202965, MJF-202966,  MJF-202967, MJF-203334 
OM3: MJF-202968, MJF-202969, MJF-200695, MJF-202883, MJF-203335
OM4: MJF-202970, MJF-202971, MJF-202972, MJF-200696,  MJF-203272

SM: MJF-202973, MJF-202974, MJF-202975, MJF-201451, MJF-203337, MJF-203629,
OM1: MJF-202976, MJF-202977, MJF-202978, MJF-202979, MJF-203338 
OM2: MJF-202980, MJF-202981, MJF-202982, MJF-202983, MJF-203339 
OM3: MJF-202984, MJF-202985, MJF-202986, MJF-202987, MJF-203340 
OM4: MJF-202988, MJF-202989, MJF-202990, MJF-202919, MJF-203341 

Features & Benefits Technical Info Related Products
  • Flame rating options include:
    • Plenum OFNP per NFPA 262 OFNP
    • Riser OFNR per NFPA NEC 2005 Art 770.51(B)
    • Complies with NFPA/NEC build codes for fire resistance. Can be installed in eABF duct or third-party rated duct systems.
  • GR-20 Water-blocking - Reduces risk of moisture migration
  • GR-409-CORE compliant - Standards compliant stand-alone interconnect cable
  • Complete range of single-mode and multimode fibers - Supports 10G, 40G and 100G Ethernet architectures
  • Aramid-strengthened cable core - Robust tensile load bearing capable
  • OD compatible with 6 mm ID Micro-ducts - Higher density fiber pathway solutions
  • 96-Fiber count fits into 8.5 mm x 6 mm Micro-duct - Up to 2,304 fibers per 24-way FuturePath Duct

Operating/installation: -40°C to + 70°C
Storage: -40°C to + 70°C
Install: 0°C to + 70°C

Maximum attenuation (db/km)
OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4: 3.5 @ 850nm, 1.2 @ 1300nm
OS2: 0.4 @ 1300nm, 0.4 @ 1550nm

Overfill launch min bandwidth (mhz/km)
OM1: 200 @ 850nm, 600 @ 1300nm
OM2: 500 @ 850nm, 500 @ 1300nm
OM3: 1500 @ 850nm, 500 @ 1300nm
OM4: 3500 @ 850nm, 550 @ 1300nm

EMBC (mhz/km)
OM1/OM2/OS2: N/A
OM3: 2000
OM4: 4700

Gigabit ethernet min. link distance (meters)
OM1: 300 @ 850nm, 550 @ 1300nm
OM2: 600 @ 850nm, 600 @ 1300nm
OM3: 1000 @ 850nm, 550 @ 1300nm
OM4: 1040 @ 850nm, 550 @ 1300nm
OS2: 5000 @ 1300nm

10 gigabit ethernet min. link distance (meters)
OM1: 32 @ 850nm
OM2: 82 @ 850nm
OM3: 300 @ 850nm
OM4: 550 @ 850nm
OS2: 10000 @ 1300nm

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