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High Density 1RU 144F Fiber Enclosure


Part No: HFR-10144, HFR-1440X

Region: global

The Molex High Density Fiber Enclosures are designed for high density applications such as Data Centers, SAN, Medical Health Care, Central Offices or any other situation where high performing, high density and quick installation is required. The enclosures are available in 1RU 144 Fiber capacity through LC connector and has various kinds of modules to support different types of application.

This innovative, robust, easy assemble and maintenance 1RU fiber enclosure has been designed for MTP, MPO and LC interfaces. This excellent space saving solution is ideal for network consolidation as its modular, scalable design provides flexibility for network partitioning and future growth. The rack mounted enclosure has been manufactured using durable powder/ liquid coated steel construction ensuring years of reliable service.

The 19-inch chassis fits industry-standard EIA, ETSI and WECO rack mountable. The 1RU height conserves valuable rack space maximizing “real estate”. Quick Release pins on the enclosure front allow easy access as well as patch cord protection. Molex recommends our Bend Insensitive unitube/push pull patch cords for less bending loss, lower cable weight and better cable management.

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  • 1RU rack mounted multi function fiber enclosure
  • Supports various kinds of modular cassettes
  • Each Enclosure accommodates 6 cassettes
  • Each MTP/MPO-LC preterminated cassette accommodates 24F fiber
  • MTP-24, MTP-12, MTP-8 various kinds of MTP-LC cassettes
  • OS2, OM3, OM4 & OM5 fiber optional for the MTP/MPO-LC modular cassettes
  • Splicing and preterm solution supported
  • Supports MTP/MPO and LC connector interface
  • Designed for 10G/40G/100G/200G/400G system migration
  • Built in front cable management tray on enclosure provides easy patch cord management capability
  • Cassette built in with front cable tray to separate the patch cord for each cassette
  • Spring cotter to achieve easy inserting and locking of the cassettes
  • Low loss version for all fiber assemblies

IP Rating: IP20
Adapter Type: LC/MPO/MTP
LC Port Capacity: 144 fibers
Cassette Type:
   1 MTP-24 to 12 Duplex LC
   2 MTP-12 to 12 Duplex LC
   3 MTP-8 to 12 Duplex LC
   2 MPO-12 to 12 Duplex LC
   12 MTP Adapter Cassette
   12 Duplex LC splicing cassette (pigtail included)

Fiber Enclosure
Body Material:
   Cover&Base: 1.8mm Aluminum with anodic oxidation in black
   Side/Vertical plate: 6.0mm Aluminum with anodic oxidation in black
   Front door: 2.0mm CRS black powder coating
Operation Temperature: -25 to + 70°C / -13 to +94 °F
Dimension WxHxD: 485x44x470mm
Package Size: 527x160x397mm
Weight: 2.5 kg / 5lb8oz

Shell Material: PC/ABS Alloy - Flame Retardant, UL94V-0, Halogen free
Dimension WxHxD: 196X12.5X295mm
Weight: 0.2 kg/7oz
MTP/MPO Connector Type: Male, Low loss
MTP/MPO Adapter Type: Key up to key down in black
LC Connector Type: Low loss
LC Adapter Color:
   OM3: Aqua
   OM4: Magenta
   OM5: Beige
   SM: Blue

SM(1310nm&1550nm) Max IL:
   MTP IL≤0.35dB
   LC IL≤0.15dB
   Cassette loss IL≤0.5dB
MM(850nm&1300nm) Max IL:
   MTP IL≤0.35dB
   LC IL≤0.15dB
   Cassette IL≤0.5dB

100% geometry test(MTP refer to IEC61755-3-31 and LC refer to IEC61755-3-1/2)
LC: End face visual test according to IEC 61300-3-35 (Inspect at 400X magnification)
MT: End face visual test according to IEC 61300-3-35 (Inspect at 200X magnification)
RoHS compliant
REACH/SvHC compliant
TIA-568.3-D, ISO11801-1, TIA-492