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Fusion Splice Holder 24 Fiber


Part No: KFR-00052

Region: global

Molex’s 24 Fiber Splice holder is suitable for use inside both Sliding and Fixed Patch Panels. Its capacity is for up to 24 Fusion Splice Protectors in 45mm or 61mm lengths. The splice holder consists of a base with self adhesive pads for securing on a flat surface and a lid complete with self adhesive label on which to record the ID’s of each fiber core.

Features & Benefits Technical Info Related Products
  • Up to 24 splice protector capacity
  • High density
  • Suitable for 45mm and 61mm splice protectors

Material: ABS (Halogen Free)
Color: Black
Dimensions: 38mm (W) x 97mm (L) x 20mm (H) (Nom)

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