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MOD-Clip™ 4 Pair UTP Termination Tool


Part No: 31.0010

Region: apac

The Molex MOD-Clip 4 Pair UTP Termination Tool is a robust, reliable product that offers fast, fault-less gas-tight termination of all four pairs of the solid cable simultaneously. The Termination Tool Frame is manufactured of high grade steel and is used with die-cast Termination Heads.
Designed exclusively for use with Molex MOD-Clip UTP jacks, the Tool Frame is supplied unloaded on to which the UTP Termination Head is fitted. Only the MOD-Clip Tool Frame can be used to terminate UTP MOD-Clip Jacks. The MOD-Clip Tool Frame is distinguishable by the yellow Jack Pusher assembled into the Frame. To Terminate
DataGate™ Jacks use the DataGate 4 Pair Termination Tool Frame which features a red Jack Pusher.
Operation is simple and efficient. Fit the Termination Head to the Tool Frame, lace the wires into the Termination Head, place the MOD-Clip Jack on to the Termination Head. Swivel the Head into the cutting position and squeeze the handles of the Frame. The result is a fully terminated Jack with all 8 wires firmly and accurately seated and neatly trimmed in a few quick and simple steps.
Fitting or changing the Termination Head on to the Tool Frame is easy. Simply screw the Head into place with the Allen key provided. The ergonomic design of the Termination Tool Frame Handles provides comfortable repeat operation.
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  • Designed exclusively for the
  • termination of UTP MOD-Clip Jacks.
  • Yellow Jack Pusher distinguishes the MOD-Clip Tool Frame from DataGate Tool Frame.
  • Fast and simple termination procedure.
  • Cables are terminated neatly and accurately in a few simple steps.
  • Tool Frame and Termination Head are supplied separately.
  • Robust Tool Frame and Termination Head construction.
  • Ergonomic Tool Handles for comfortable repeat operation
Mechanical Characteristics
Tool Frame: High Carbon Steel
Termination Heads: Zinc Alloy
Blades: High Carbon Steel
Handle: Thermoplastic Rubber
Termination Head Wire Accommodation: 23-24 AWG solid conductors
Cable Accommodation Types: Molex branded U/UTP cables
Shipping Weight
Part No 31.0010: 480g
Part No 31.0012: 35g each
Termination Frame:
270mm (L) x 95mm (W) x47mm (H)
Termination Head:
80mm (L) x 40mm (W) x 20mm (H)

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