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Rack Mount Power Strip/Surge Suppressor


Part No: 25.B027G

Region: americas

The Rack Mount Power Strip/ Surge Suppressor features 12 outlets to provide power to rack mounted equipment plus a 15 AMP circuit breaker. A 12 foot, 14 AWG cord and 2 isolated filter banks prevent equipment interaction. The unit provides superior spike filtering and line noise attenuation.

Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • 1U standard 19” rack mount
  • Robust construction to handle harsh treatment
  • Features 12 power outlets

No. of Receptacles: 12

No. of Isolated Filter Banks: 2

AC Energy Absorption (Joules): 320

AC Cord Length: 3.66m. (12 ft)

Operating Temperature: -10°C to +40°C


AC Input: 120 VAC, 15 amps; standard 3 prong NEMA 5-15P

Load Handling: 1800 watts maximum, total 15 amps per socket

High Frequency: Noise Suppression (Specs are given for Bank #1.Protection increases by 25dB per bank @ 1 MHz, nominally)

  • >20 dB @ 50 KHz
  • >40 dB @ 150 KHz
  • >80 dB @ 1 MHz
  • >30 dB @ 6 to 1000 MHz

Transient Suppression: Handles up to 13,000 amp spikes. Protection in all 3 modes: hot to neutral, hot to ground, and neutral to ground. Meets or exceeds IEEE 587 category A & B Specification

Initial Clamping Voltage: 150 Volts AC RMS

Response Time: Instantaneous (0 nanoseconds) transient amplitude reduction occurs faster than the clamping response of the varistors due to high rejection rate of the filter network

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