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Product Change Notification: Termination Tool Lacing Head

The Molex DataGate 4 Pair Termination Tool (31.0011) is a critical part of any installer’s equipment, a robust, reliable solution that has been around for a number of years. To continually improve and enhance the tool we are making a small modification to the Cat 6A lacing head element. This means the lacing head part number 31.0013 will be replaced with part number 31.0015 effective immediately.

There is no change in functionality with our current products, but the new design does allow us to future proof the tool for planned 2022 DataGate Jack product development. From a casual observation there is little difference other than the new lacing head is now bright nickel in color, rather than the black nickel.

Old / Obsolete Part No Replacement Part No
Part No SAP no Description Part No SAP no Description
31.0013 182520004 4 Pair Termination Tool Lacing Head C6A 31.0015 182520015 Lacing Head C6A Universal 

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