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Product Change Notification: C6A Cable EMEA

CAA-0322L-VL vs CAA-0322L-VI sheath color

Part No CAA-0322L-VL to change to CAA-0322L-VI. Following a review of our C6A cable manufacturing partners we have decided to change for contractual reasons. This change requires a change of part number for warranty traceability purposes. The replacement part no is CAA-0322L-VI. The new cable is the same high quality product which you expect from Molex and has the equivalent construction and electrical performance. This change will be implemented as soon as stock is exhausted, estimated to be at the end of March 2022. Please note that you may notice a slight sheath color difference between part no’s CAA-0322L-VL and CAA-0322LVI.

Part CAA-0334-VL Cca is no longer available, replaced by CAA-00413-VL Bca. In addition to the change to the C6A Dca cable, we will also cease holding stock of PowerCat 6A U/FTP Cca-s1a,d1,a1 cable, part number CAA-0334-VL and standardizing on part number CAA-00413-VL, B2ca -s1a, d1,a1, with immediate effect. We currently have stock of part no CAA-00413-VL B2ca-s1a,d1,a1 cable available.

Old / Obsolete Part No Replacement Part No
Part No SAP no Description Part No SAP no Description
CAA-0322L-VL 183020029 PowerCat 6A U/FTP LS0H Cable Dca-s2,d1,a1 Violet – 500m CAA-0322L-VI Consult Molex PowerCat 6A U/FTP LS0H Cable Dca-s2,d1,a1 Violet – 500m
CAA-0334-VL 183020023 PowerCat 6A U/FTP LS0H Cable Cca-s1a,d1,a1 Violet – 500m CAA-00413-VL 183020040 PowerCat 6A U/FTP LS0H Cable B2ca-s1a,d1,a1 Violet – 500m

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