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New product: PowerCat 6A UTP Gen II System

In today’s bandwidth hungry climate with rapidly emerging technology trends, the need for high-speed networking solutions has never been more critical.

Designed to support 10Gigabit Ethernet (10GBase-T), a Category 6A structured cabling solution offering superior performance where speed, reliability, has become the system of choice for enterprises, financial institutions, health care and data centers requiring future proofing or long tenancy reliability for their business operations.

Unshielded twisted pair cabling (UTP) dominates the market for C5E and C6 networks thanks to its low installed cost and simplicity of installation.

Molex believes in offering the customer a choice of media types and offers both Unshielded and Shielded C6A Systems in our product portfolio and in 2019 Molex introduced the C6A UTP System Generation I and now we are pleased to announce some enhancements to the range with the release of PowerCat 6A UTP System Generation II.


  • A different cable construction utilizing a polymer ANEXT aluminium protective wrap fully surrounding all 4-pair core replacing the foil tape construction of Gen I. The composite aluminium polyester film lamination provides a high degree of ANEXT and electromagnetic interference protection and still offers a very low outer diameter of ≈7.2mm.
  • An enhanced ANEXT protection cap for the Gen II C6A UTP Keystone Jack offering a robust mechanical design with the incorporation of a die-cast housing replacing the copper tape wrap design ANEXT protection cap of the Generation I version.
  • C6A UTP Keystone Jack Gen II design upgraded for compatibility with a new 4 Pair C6A UTP Keystone Jack Termination tool, making terminating all 4 Pairs quick and easy. Note: The Gen II Keystone Jack can also be terminated with a single wire 110 termination tool. The Gen I Keystone Jack could only be terminated using a 110-termination tool one wire at a time. 
  • The introduction of a C6A UTP 4 Pair Termination Tool. Please note that this tool is compatible with the C6A UTP Jack only. It is not compatible with any other Molex Jacks.
  • The addition of a new family of C6A UTP Patch Cords available in LS0H and PVC jackets.
  • The addition of a 2U 48 Port Unloaded Keystone Jack Patch Panel to the existing 1U 24 Port Keystone Jack Panel family.
  • To complete the end-to-end C6A UTP System we offer a range of work area outlet designs to cater for regional wall plate style differences which accept the C6A UTP Keystone Jack.


Regional availability/Datasheet and more information:

 – Americas

PowerCat 6A UTP CMP/CMR Cable


PowerCat 6A UTP LS0H Cable Gen II

Patch Cords
 – Americas

PowerCat 6A UTP Patch Cord PVC


PowerCat 6A UTP Patch Cord LS0H

Jack and Termination Tool
 – Global

PowerCat 6A UTP Keystone Jack Gen II

4 Pair Termination Tool compatible with PowerCat 6A UTP Keystone Jack Gen II

Patch panel
 – Global

24 1U and 48 Port 2U Keystone Jack Patch Panels Unloaded

Wallplates and Fascias
 – Americas

Keystone Jack Wall Plates


Euromod Keystone Jack Fascia 25 x 50mm, Unloaded, & Wallplates

MOD-SNAP Keystone Jack Fascia, 38.5 x 25mm, unloaded – white

DIN 49075 Keystone Jack Fascia 2 Port with Bezel, unloaded – white

22.5 X 45mm Keystone Jack Fascia unloaded – white