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Creating an Intelligent Campus

Technology is already at the heart of modern education. By integrating smart technology into your campus, you can create learning-centric environments which empower student success and safety. Built on proven, powerful PoE, CoreSync offers a range of OEM and third-party devices which help you gather and analyze data and automate.

Enhanced learning experience

Tailor conditions to create optimal environments for different types of lesson, from exams to presentations to collaboration. Monitor occupancy levels and movement patterns to be able to ensure optimal asset utilization.

Safe educational environments

Integrate security and facilities management systems for a single-pane-of-glass view of the building or campus. Utilize safe sanitization technologies to promote good health.

Manage costs and efficiency

Analyze data trends over days, weeks or months to identify where efficiencies can be made. Use preset schedules and real-time data to ensure lights, HVAC and equipment are not switched on when not needed.

Smart, reliable, future-ready

CoreSync delivers the functionality you need to create smarter, more responsive educational environments today. Built on proven PoE connectivity, CoreSync offers a reliable and flexible solution that can be easily adapted and upgraded as requirements change or technology evolves.

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