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Keeping mission-critical environments safe and secure

Whether it’s on-site, co-location or a hybrid model, data storage and management is essential to every business. Data centers are critical environments which need to be carefully managed and monitored. Using CoreSync, you can control environmental conditions, personnel access and more from a single dashboard. Alerts and notifications ensure issues come to your attention early, giving you time to take preventative action.

Maintain optimal conditions

Monitor and automatically control the environment inside your data center or telecoms room to ensure systems operate without disruption. Proactive alerts notify you of changing conditions before a situation becomes critical.

Physical access control

Make sure only authorized personnel gain entry: manage physical access rights and integrate security systems such as CCTV to keep track of who’s inside.

Easy SPoG monitoring

Access IoT sensor information from across your facility in one system. Monitor the performance of other critical systems, such as data center HVAC, from the same dashboard.

Always-on Monitoring

CoreSync gathers data 24/7, providing peace of mind that conditions are being monitored and managed even if there are no staff in the building. Built on proven PoE infrastructure, CoreSync creates a reliable platform that can be easily adapted and upgraded as requirements change or technology evolves.

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