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Smart building solutions

Create a smart building solution as individual as your business. Monitor a range of different environmental conditions and automate building systems or devices based on pre-set scheduling or real-time data. With the CoreSync API and Interface Module, you can integrate a range of other devices and 3rd party systems such as BMS Systems.

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Adaptable Workspaces

Dynamically adapt your workspaces to changes: whether that’s long term, such as the rise of hybrid working, or short term, such as day to day hot desking. Create comfortable, human-centric environments that promote health and encourage productivity, all while managing energy costs.

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Enable Tailored Learning

Enable classroom environments to be tailored for different types of lesson and different kinds of learning, from hands-on practical sessions to large-scale lectures. Integrate security systems and facilities management for enhanced staff and student safety and cost control.

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Support Patient Recovery

Support the recovery of patients with environments that self-modulate at the most beneficial conditions. Monitor a range of data, including air quality and VOCs and control environmental conditions on a room by room or region by region basis. Proactively tackle the spread of infection with intelligent air filtering and surface sanitization.

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Control Conditions

Dynamically control key environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and air quality to keep critical equipment operating efficiently. Track trends and flag potential issues with detailed data tracking. Integrate personnel access and security systems to ensure strict access control.

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