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Working with CoreSync

Training for Systems Integrators

With three individual training courses available, participants can specialize in design documentation, installation and commissioning and/or programming and integration. Gain all three certifications to become a Molex approved Master Integrator.

Covering IoT smart buildings and the role of PoE to subjects such as device installation, system commissioning and configuring design tools, these training courses will give you all the tools needed to take on a CoreSync smart building project.

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Other Courses

CoreSync Alliance Manufacturer Training
A one-day course designed for CoreSync-compatible device manufacturers to learn how to integrate a CoreSync DC/DC Driver and other CoreSync devices into their products.

CoreSync Distributor
A one-day course designed to familiarize CoreSync Distributors with CoreSync and Power over Ethernet.

CoreSync End User
A one-day course designed to familiarize CoreSync End Users with the system and its supporting software.

Hands-On Training
Hand-on courses and "Lunch and Learn" sessions are offered at various locations. To register your interest, click here.

These courses are available online and on-demand through the Molex Customer Support Portal. Log in or register to get started.

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