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Track energy use progress

Commercial buildings can be hugely energy inefficient – from unoccupied rooms remaining lit and heated to inactive equipment continuing to draw standby power. Collecting data on how spaces and equipment are used is the first step toward cutting waste. Create schedules based on usage patterns or allow systems to react in real time to ensure systems are only in use when they need to be. Ensure non-critical but energy hungry equipment like printers, microwaves and AV equipment do not draw unnecessary power when idle. Gather real-time data on energy use to track your progress and document your sustainability initiatives.

Lighting Control

Turn the lights off automatically when no-one’s home. Use daylight harvesting to make the most of sunshine to save energy and improve occupant wellbeing.


Set schedules for heating and cooling based on historic data on space utilization, or use real-time data to adjust based on occupancy, room scheduling or temperature.

Automate window shades to control excessive heating or cooling from outside.

Plug Loads

Many common devices continue to draw power even when “off”, but manually unplugging equipment is impractical and time consuming. Integrate wireless plug load controls to switch off equipment when not in use, individually or across entire zones.

Real Time Data

With a combination of real time data and historical trends, you won’t have to wait to see the impact of new energy efficiency measures. Generate and download the reports you need to apply for sustainability-based grants and tax breaks.



Controlling Plug Loads

Plug loads can account for 25-50% of the total energy consumption of a commercial building. Connecting plug load management into a smart building solution can help facilities managers take ownership of this energy expenditure, as part of efficiency, environmental or cost reduction drives.

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