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Data for actionable insight

CoreSync is a modular, dynamic smart building that can be configured to fulfil a wide range of applications. With a broad range of devices and sensors, a flexible control system, a powerful integration API and a range of ecosystem vendors, CoreSync can help you reduce real estate inefficiencies, improve occupant productivity, and deliver meaningful data for actionable insight.

Occupant Experience

Control environmental conditions such as light brightness and room temperature to create human-centric spaces that enable occupants to perform at their best. Modulate color temperature to match natural circadian rhythms and promote focus throughout the day. Integrate room and desk scheduling systems to make it easy for occupants to find a space to work.

Lighting control   |  Window shades  |  Temperature  |  Air quality  |  Noise monitoring

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Energy Efficiency

Automatically turn off lights and devices and turn down HVAC when rooms are not in use. Even non-networked, mains-powered equipment can be monitored and controlled to help you keep costs and your carbon footprint down. Track the results of energy efficiency drives with simple reporting and data trend analysis.

Lighting control  |  Plug load monitoring  |  AV control  |  Occupancy monitoring  |  Wireless connectivity | Window shades

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Safety & Security

Integrate cameras and controlled-access doorways to track who’s in the building and keep occupants safe. Monitor occupancy and footfall in and around security-critical areas like data centers and security offices. Monitor and proactively tackle airborne pollutants and both settled and airborne bacteria and viruses. Integrate lighting, audio and emergency lighting systems to notify occupants in the event of an emergency and guide them to safety.

Integrate CCTV  |  Occupancy monitoring |  Secure access doors  |  Safe sanitizing light  |  Air purifying technologies

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Integrated Facilities Management

Bring a range of technologies and tasks together for a simple, integrated view of a building and its systems. Use heatmaps and data trending to understand how facilities are really being used to enable smarter scheduling and optimize asset utilization.  Receive proactive notifications about system or device health to keep ahead of maintenance work.

Integrate 3rd party systems  |  Single pane of view across systems  |  Proactive maintenance alerts

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Data Driven Decisions

Collate data from a range of sources to get a 360 view of your spaces and assets. Monitor trends over time or track in real-time the effect of new initiatives such as energy efficiency drives or flexible working.

Light, occupancy, temperature and other sensor types |  Wireless connectivity enables flexibility in sensor placement  |  Track trends or generate heatmaps

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