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Olympia Eye and Laser Centre – Namibia

About the Project

Established in 1996, The Olympia Eye and Laser Centre is fully equipped to diagnose and treat the most challenging of eye disorders including corrective surgical procedures. Dr. Joffe’s consultative approach includes complete medical work-ups and thorough patient diagnostics, relying heavily on the accuracy of tests conducted by very specialized equipment. Ultimately, results are digitally collated at a central point by the ophthalmologist.

The sophisticated nature of the medical services offered at The Olympia Eye and Laser Centre drives the requirement for continual technology upgrades in support of their critical equipment and processes. As technology improves in the ophthalmological field, so does the scope of the medical solutions at the
Centre. There’s commitment at The Olympia Eye and Laser Centre to embrace the latest medical advances and to acquire the latest technology in support of these advances. Likewise their IP (Internet Protocol) infrastructure needs to complement these advances…

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