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Kingsway Hospitals

Kingways Hospitals new build in Nagpur uses Molex technology

Kingsway Hospitals is a corporate-grade, high-tech healthcare facility located in Nagpur, central India. Nagpur is rapidly emerging as the Healthcare capital of India.

The new build project of Kingsway Hospitals in Nagpur is a 400,000 square feet area, vertical tower comprising of 11 storeys. The hospital has 10 modular Operation Theatres (OT’s), about 60 consulting chambers and around 28 departments.

With it being a hospital, there was not the luxury of redoing cabling in patient-occupied areas due to infection-control related protocols. Hence, additional lengths of cables and TV serviceability features had to be built into the DNA of the design.

The layout of the project underwent several changes over the course of the 4 year long construction. Therefore, the cabling had to be re-designed, and bringing this agility into design proved to be another challenge.

To read more, please download the full case study below


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