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Online Structured Cabling Training Courses Updated

BP138 field technician training course update screen

Our online structured cabling training courses have received a substantial update and refresh.

Designed for installers, consultants, distributors, and other professionals within the network cabling industry, our online course programme offers a comprehensive range of modules and options to keep you informed and up-to-date. Courses cover a wide range of topics within the field of structured cabling, from copper cabling and PoE to fiber optics and jetted fiber.

All modules have been expanded and updated to take note of the very latest Standards and there are new quiz questions. In one of the most significant shake-ups, the modules are now no longer strictly sequential. Apart from the very first module and the final survey, students may take courses in whichever order they like. So if you want to dive straight in to cabling for PoE, or start with Data Center architectures, you can now do so.

Please note that in order to complete a course it is still necessary to complete all the modules and pass the final quiz. This is especially important when seeking certification or re-certification as a Certified Installer or Certified Consultant. Remember, only Business Associates with a valid and in-date certification are able to register an installation for Molex warranties.

List of available courses

  • BP095 – Structured Cabling Design and Installation (ONLINE or ONLINE + ONSITE)
  • BP120 – Advanced Structured Cabling Design and Installation (ONLINE only)
  • BP130 – Advanced Structured Cabling Design and Installation (ONLINE + ONSITE)
  • BP135 – Advanced Structured Cabling Design and Installation (ONLINE only) – Only for re-certification
  • BP138 – Field Technician Training (ONLINE only)
  • BP140 – Advanced Structured Cabling Design and Installation – For Consultants and End-Users
  • BP150 – Fiber Optic Data Transmission & Solutions
  • BP153 – Fiber Optic Data Transmission & Solutions – ADVANCED – (ONLINE + ONSITE), and
  • BP155 – Copper Data Transmission & Solutions

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CPD and BICSI Accreditation

Our range of training courses is recognized by both BICSI and the CPD Standards Office. To achieve recognition from these bodies we have undergone rigorous assessment processes that look at the development and delivery of our courses. To find out which courses are eligible for continuing professional education credits from either of these bodies, please download the training course catalog here.

How to Access Training Courses from Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions

The majority of our modules are available free and on-demand through the Customer Support Portal (CSP).

Only registered Business Associates have access to the CSP – click here to find out more about applying for BA status.

Some modules are available as hands-on sessions in some regions – please contact your local sales team for availability and more information. There may be a cost associated with in-person training.

About the Molex CSP

The Molex Customer Support Portal is a hub for technical information, resources, training and support. If you are a structured cabling consultant, designer or installer, this online portal has all the information and tools you need to get the job done.

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