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Customer Support Portal

If you’re a consultant, designer, certified installer – or considering certification – our online portal has all the information and tools you need to get the job done.

Online Training

Our online Certified Installer training courses are available 24/7 through the CSP.

Submit Key Documents

Submit documentation for 25-year System Performance and Application Assurance warranties any time of day or night.

Custom Planning Tools

Save time with key aspects of project planning with access to exclusive tools, including estimators, configuration guides, survey tools and more.

Technical Updates

Our global technical team provides regular updates in the form of webinars and downloadable white papers.

Get Help from the Community

Use the Molex “Ask the Expert!” forum to engage publicly with your peers and Molex specialists.

The Application Process

Go to csp.molex.com to register your details. You will be granted a “Quick Access” account immediately, which allows you to view a limited selection of features.

Your application will be reviewed by your local Regional Sales Director. The full range of features will only be available once your account has been approved and upgraded to “Business Associate”.

If you don’t need to register for training or other features immediately, you can always apply for access at a later time by emailing your Sales Team or the CSP Technical Team.


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